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Faculty Search Committee Guidelines


  1. Recruit the best possible faculty.

Duties of Committee:

  1. Faculty on this committee must:
    1. Review applications in a timely manner.
    2. Serve as a coarse filter - reject or review by faculty.
    3. Serve as the host of several candidates.
    4. Attend talks of all candidates.
    5. Evaluate all candidates and make recommendation to the Department Chair.
  2. Conduct yearly review of the Guidelines for the Search Committee (this document), and if necessary, propose changes.

Committee Membership:

  1. The Search Committee is composed of the Chair of Computer Science, the Department's Administrative Assistant, and tenured CS faculty members chosen by the Chair of the Department.

Committee Procedures:

  1. Draft an ad 4 months prior to beginning interviews.
  2. Complete Position Approval Form and send with ad to Human Resources for approval.
  3. Place ads 2 months prior to anticipated first interview date. Ads should be:
    1. Posted on Department's Web page.
    2. Placed in the Communications of the ACM.
    3. Placed in the Computer Research Association's web page.
    4. Placed in IEEE Spectrum.
    5. Mailed to the top 50 CS Departments in the USA.
  4. The application deadline should be just before the target date for the first interview.
  5. The Department's Administrative Assistant maintains records of the recruiting effort. These records include those needed for legal reasons to justify the hiring and retention of faculty members who are not US citizens. Also, the Administrative Assistant takes minutes at the committee meetings, distributes applicant files for review, and coordinates interview visits.
  6. When a faculty member is the designated host for a candidate, s/he will be responsible for local transportation for the candidate, attending one or more meals with the candidate, organizing a group of students to meet with the candidate, and ensuring that the students provide feedback to the Search Committee. If a host cannot fulfill her/his duties, then s/he is responsible to find a replacement host. Under no circumstances should a secretary act as the host.
  7. The Search Committee meets as frequently as necessary to do its work in a timely fashion.

Specific Charges

  1. Conduct search for faculty openings.

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