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Computing Resources Committee Guidelines


  1. Improve all departmental computing resources and support infrastructure.

Duties of Committee:

  1. Develop and implement plans to maintain state-of-the-art computing facilities for all classes, research laboratories, and general purpose computing in the Department.
    1. Maintain a recharge center to support the Department's computing infrastructure.
    2. Analyze Department networking needs and work to meet them.
    3. Write proposals to obtain new classroom computing equipment as necessary.
    4. Interact with faculty to ensure that research needs are properly supported.
    5. Examine computer and networking space and utilization needs and ensure that all systems are adequately cooled, powered and located in the closest proximity of their principal CS user population. Work with the Planning Committee to make sure any new spaces have adequate infrastructure for new and existing computing/networking systems.
  2. Conduct yearly review of the Guidelines for the Computing Committee (this document), and if necessary, propose changes.

Committee Membership:

  1. The Computing Committee is composed of all computing staff members, one graduate student representative, one undergraduate student representative, and other faculty members and other staff members as appropriate.
  2. The student representatives are chosen by the chair of the Committee from a pool of volunteers obtained by the Department's Manager of Student Affairs.
  3. The staff and faculty members are chosen by the Department Chair.

Committee Procedures:

  1. Conduct a customer satisfaction survey at regular intervals (not to exceed six months).
  2. Meet weekly to set computing support priorities and assess progress.
  3. Deliver an assessment report to the Chair of the Department 2 weeks after each satisfaction survey.

Specific Charges

  1. Customer satisfaction (faculty, staff, and students are our customers):
    1. Conduct survey.
    2. Establish support priorities through survey and open discussion.
    3. Post priorities on Department web page.
  2. Evaluate student computing resources and propose a plan to upgrade them if necessary.
  3. Create a "state of computer systems and networks" technical report and a version of this report suitable for inclusion in grant proposals.
  4. Design a strategy to meet the Department's e-security needs.
  5. Set up a mechanism to license our faculty search software to other departments on campus.

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