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With the help of generous gifts from alumni, the Computer Science Department has recently completed the Landgraf Center for Computer Vision, Graphics, and Robotics. The Center provides over 6000 square feet of lab, office, meeting, and presentation space for faculty, students, and staff. Theoretical and applied research carried out in the Center is supported by its experimental facilities including a light-duty machine shop, a Barrett Whole-Arm Manipulator with integral Barrett Hand, an Adept industrial robot arm, many cameras with image processing systems, and a small fleet of Garcia and RPI-designed Ratbot mobile robots.

All Rensselaer students have access to the Rensselaer Computing System, a network of Unix and Windows workstations. The department also has a number of labs and clusters with specialized computer architectures to support the department's research. Computationally intensive applications benefit from our computing clusters, consisting of more than 300 CPUs. Data intensive research efforts can make use of high speed interconnects utilizing technologies such as Myrinet, Infiniband, or 10Gb ethernet, as well as file servers with more than 150 terabytes of storage. Combined with specialized equipment for computer vision, robotics, and tetherless computing research, the Computer Science Department at Rensselaer offers an ideal environment for students to participate in a variety of research activities.

Students in the department will find wireless and gigabit ethernet connections in their offices, offering IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and connectivity to both the Internet and Internet-2. Additionally, our network of office workstations, printers, and web servers is available to support any computing needs of students and faculty.

Students involved in research can also use specialized computers in other departments, such as high speed graphics workstations, computers for image processing, and massively parallel computers for large scale computation. The most important of these is an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer, which provides more than 70 TeraFLOPS of computing power and is among the fastest supercomputers in the world.