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Last year, a team of six RPI students nailed third place in the 2003 "CS Games" at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

In this spring of 2004, the rebuffed team (ten members) attended again.

New, better contests were added. Also new lame contests were added. And the suspense was improved immensely with the introduction of the live scoreboard- we could check the results of each individual contest as they were judged!

Our scores were the most consistently high of any team there, and we were in second for 90% of the time there. The last contest to be judged, AI, was the heaviest-weighted, and we did a miserable job there, droping us to 5th for the final score.

CS games website (has detailed results of all the contests) (outdated link): http://www.csgames.org

And, spankage from 2003: http://www.cs.rpi.edu/academics/undergrad/csgames03/

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And, watch our taunting video: RPI Flashout