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Graduate Program

Continuous Registration

The graduate policy on continuous registration applies to part-time students and full-time students both. All graduate students must remain registered each spring and fall semester until graduation, or take an approved leave of absence from their program. Students do not need to register for the summer if they were registered during the preceding spring.

Here are some key points on the continuous registration and leave of absence policies:

  • Leaves of absence are approved on a semester by semester basis and do not automatically renew at the end of the semester.
  • Total time on leave while attending graduate school cannot exceed two years.
  • Unless taken for medical, maternity, or military reasons, leave time is counted toward time limit for degree.
  • Full time students must register for at least 12 credits each semester, (9 if a TA).
  • Part time students must register for at least one credit each semester. Part time students who have registered for all required course and research credits to meet degree requirements as indicated by their Plan of Study should take one additional thesis credit each semester.
  • Students who fail to register or renew their leave of absence by the tenth day of class will be administratively withdrawn from their program.

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