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Graduate Program

Colloquium Attendance Requirement

During their first two years in the graduate program, full-time Computer Science graduate students are required to attend a total of 32 colloquia or at least 50% of those offered. After two years, attendance will no longer be tracked, but graduate students are encouraged to make colloquium attendance a habit throughout their time in the program.

The first two years will be counted based on the date your admission to the graduate program is effective, even if you are enrolled in the undergraduate program at the time. There is one exception: students in the BS-PhD accelerated program will be counted starting after they complete 128 credits.

Students will be expected to attend at a rate of eight colloquia per semester, or 50% of those offered. Students who attend fewer in a given semester will be warned in their semiannual review of students letter that they need to increase their attendance.

Students who are enrolled in the graduate program for less than two years will be expected to attend a total number of colloquia equal to eight times the number of semesters they are enrolled, or 50% of those offered during the time they are enrolled.

Only Computer Science Department colloquia, listed on the department's colloquium web page can be counted. Talks offered by other departments, talks specific to a research group, or department seminars do not count.

Students may sometimes have schedule conflicts which make it impossible to attend 8 per semester or 50%. If your attendance is slightly below the requirement one semester, you can make it up by attending more the following semester. If you have many conflicts, it may be possible to adjust your requirement. At the end of the semester, contact Terry Hayden with the details of your conflicts.

In the case of a department event with multiples talks on the same day (such as CS Day), each talk will count as a separate colloquium.

Part-time students are not required to fulfill the colloquium requirement, but they are encouraged to attend talks on campus and/or at their workplace as much as they are able.

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